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WestWinds Volunteers

Whether you're new to the neighborhood or have lived here for years, the heart and soul of any community is the people who live there.  If you're looking for ways to connect (or reconnect), please consider volunteering!  It's a great way to learn more about WestWinds, make new friends, and take pride in the positive impact WestWinds residents continue to have on our neighborhood!


Volunteer opportunities range from serving as a Board officer or Director, helping with social events, landscaping and holiday lights, working with LLA to fund capital improvements and maintenance to keep our neighborhood beautiful, approving homeowner projects, helping run our Annual Meeting and elections, and serving as a liaison between LLA and WestWinds.

Here are some of the currently active committees in WestWinds. If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please email the Chair of the committee that interests you!

Social Committee - Chair 


The social committee plans community events like the Halloween and Christmas Party, ice cream socials, pool parties, fitness walks, community cleanup days, etc.  They also welcome new families to WestWinds. This is a great place to start if you're new to our community!

Landscape Committee - Chair

The landscape committee oversees LLA contract mowing and landscaping for all common areas within WestWinds. They also design and manage additional WestWinds-funded enhancements like pool flowers, flower baskets at the main entrance, flowers at the front and rear entrances, improvements to the retaining wall at the corner of Sanandrew and Country Club, and holiday lighting at the front entrance to WestWinds.


Environmental Control Committee (ECC) Chair

The ECC works to protect property values and maintain the high aesthetic standards that make our community such a beautiful place to live and work. Key tasks:

  • Establish and maintain WWECC guidelines for home exteriors and yards

  • Process WWECC applications

  • Enforce violations of the WW covenants

  • Work with LLA on violations of LLA covenants and resale applications

Changes to WestWinds home exteriors and/or yards, including tree planting/removal and landscaping, require a WWECC application and written approval prior to commencing any project. Maintenance (repairs, like kind replacements) do not. Visit the ECC page to learn more!


Neighborhood Improvement CommitteeChair 


This committee:

  • Maintains a list of WestWinds capital improvement and maintenance projects and reports project statuses to the Board.

  • Works with LLA to keep projects moving.

  • Researches and presents LLA and WW project requests to the WW board. Past examples include paving the pool parking lot/replacing curbs, new street signs/signposts, expanding intersection lighting to the back half of WestWinds, replacing Basketball court retaining wall, plan for removing infested ash trees, and the Sidewalk project (County funded, 2023/2024).

Village Chair - Chair 

(adapted from the LLA web site) The Village Chair is a volunteer who lives in the Village they represent and leads the Village Committee... a structured group that works to benefit the Village. NOTE: because WestWinds is one of four villages with their own sub-association and board of directors, WestWinds has not traditionally had a village committee. Village Chairs meet with LLA Village Managers quarterly  (see LLA's Community Calendar) to share information, questions, comments, and requests and bring LLA information back to our board. Please note, Village Chairs cannot provide formal resolutions on behalf of LLA regarding concerns or complaints regarding property, neighbors, pets, etc.. That is the role of the LLA Village Manager

Vision Committee - Chair 


This committee is charged with surveying WestWinds residents to develop a community vision that guides Board initiatives and priorities and supports future planning. The committee conducted a community-wide survey in the Spring of 2023 and will summarize and report the results to the board along with their recommendations for how the Board can prioritize issues residents care about most. NOTE: this committee is on hiatus.

Volunteers help us come together as a community. Together, we can do great things. Please join us!

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