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WWECC at a Glance

A quick overview of the WestWinds ECC
with links to downloadable information for WestWinds homeowners.
Scroll down for additional information about the ECC  and the application process
Have questions? Email us anytime - we're here to help!

Renovation Equipment

ECC Guidelines

The WWECC guidelines establish a  set of standards designed to maintain and protect home values and the character of our community.

School Application

WWECC Applications

For most projects, use the general application form in the ECC documents folder. Be sure to download the instructions and fee schedules as well! 

Judge with a Book

Covenant Violations

If you receive a "friendly reminder" notice or letter, contact us and we'll work with you resolve it quickly!  To report covenant violations, email the ECC

WestWinds ECC (Environmental Control Committee)

The WestWinds ECC is an all-volunteer committee composed of WestWinds residents. Our goal is to improve and protect property values and maintain the high aesthetic standards that make our community such a beautiful place to live and work. We're here to:

  • Establish and maintain WWECC guidelines for home exteriors and yards

  • Process WWECC applications

  • Enforce violations of the WW covenants

All changes to the exterior of your home and/or property, including tree planting/removal and landscaping, require a WWECC application and written approval prior to commencing any project. 


ECC applications received by the 10th of each month are reviewed on the third Wednesday of each month from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at a MS Teams virtual meeting. Please email us with ECC-related questions, comments/concerns regarding your application, or to be placed on the meeting agenda (at least five days in advance of the monthly meeting) to discuss your application.

Application Procedure

To speed up the application process and ensure your application is considered at our monthly meeting:

 1. Make sure you’re current on your WWHOA dues and have no outstanding covenant violations – this is required before we can process your application.


 2. Allow sufficient time for review and processing!  While complete applications can usually be processed within 30 days of receipt, some applications can take up to 60 days. Remember: we're unpaid volunteers with families and jobs! Sometimes we get sick or take vacations, but we always aim to "get to yes" as quickly as possible!

 3. Download the appropriate WWECC guidelines, application, and instructions/fees documents for your project(s).

 4. Submit a complete application (site plan, drawings, dimensions, pictures, fees - make checks payable to:  West Winds Village, Inc.).


5. Mail application packages to:  West Winds ECC, Box 589, New Market, MD 21774 or email them to (best when there's no fee or compliance deposit). 

Do not use and/or mail LLA Applications Forms to WWECC--WW will not process.

Do not send WWECC application packages to the LLA office--LLA does not process WWECC requests!

 6. Need help? Ask questions! We’re here to help!



Acceptance Criteria

The WWECC can only process/approve applications from residents in good standing (i.e., with no outstanding Covenant violations or unpaid annual HOA dues). Covenant violations include unapproved projects detected during LLA's presale compliance inspection process. Applications from residents who have been notified in writing of Covenant violations, unapproved projects, or failure to pay WWHOA dues in full will not be considered or processed until the violation(s) is corrected and/or full dues payment has been received. NOTE: this applies to LLA resale applications for homeowners who are selling their homes - please don't allow an avoidable violation or unpaid dues to delay your closing date or complicate an upcoming move!

Replacement Mantles for Gas Post Lamps

FREE replacement mantles are available at the LLA office located at 6718 Coldstream Drive. For malfunctioning gas lamps, residents should contact a professional plumber experienced in gas line installation and repairs.

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