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WWHOA Call for Candidates

All of a sudden, Spring has arrived! The cherry trees are blooming, bulbs are popping up all over, and the grass is coming in green and lush.  I can’t help thinking back to three years ago when then-President Mike Scott asked for volunteers. A small group of homeowners answered that call. Most had never been involved with the WWHOA before. Certainly, I knew next-to-nothing about the community I had lived in for 10 years (except that I love living here).

Since then, some pretty big changes have come to pass:

  • The pool parking lot was repaved, with new concrete curbs replacing crumbling asphalt.

  • Framed traffic and street signs with decorative black signposts replaced ugly bare-steel posts.

  • The rotting wooden retaining wall at the basketball court was replaced with a new, masonry wall.

  • A fenced trash enclosure in the pool parking lot replaced the bright blue dumpster.

  • 39 dying ash street trees infested by the Emerald Ash Borer were removed.

  • 30+ years of paper ECC records were digitized and uploaded to our SharePoint site.

  • The 1st island at the main entrance was beautifully re-landscaped, with plans underway to replace the dying cherry trees.

  • The WW board leased the land surrounding the retaining wall at the corner of Sanandrew and Country Club. An unkempt and unsightly area was cleaned up and mowed, with Butterfly bushes planted this winter to add seasonal color.

  • Black lampposts with solar lamps will be going in at major intersections in the back half of WestWinds this Spring.

  • The Homeowner Reimbursement program provided incentives for homeowners to fix or replace deteriorating lamp posts and mailboxes.

  • A reinvigorated Social Committee held several successful parties and plans many more events this year.

  • Electronic annual dues billing and online bill pay now saves the HOA time and money and makes it easier for residents. The PayHOA portal provides online ECC applications and violation tracking.

  • Lastly, unsafe concrete sidewalks and part of the asphalt path system were replaced, with new trees going in soon.

This is just a partial list! But these things didn’t happen on their own. They came about because WestWinds residents volunteered their time, energy, and brainpower to make our community a more beautiful, safe, and welcoming place to live and work.

With the 2024 Annual Meeting and election coming up (April 27th), we urgently need volunteers to fill two Board Director positions, a part-time paid Treasurer slot, and staff our volunteer committees.

There has never been a better time to get involved. With developments (Creekside and Cherry Run) going in to our north and south and the pending sale of the former golf course, we need YOU to represent WestWinds, guide our community’s responses, and steer our course to an even brighter future.

To submit your name as a candidate for the WW Board, Treasurer’s position, or simply volunteer on a committee, please send your name to our Secretary, Suzanne Gross, no later than April 10th.You can also email me – I have served on the board and several volunteer committees and will be happy to answer your questions.

I hope you’ll choose to give back to your community. With so many challenges facing us, a modest time investment can lead to a big impact. If you’re considering getting involved, ask a friend or neighbor to do the same! We need you to ensure all areas in WestWinds are represented.

2024 Candidate Bio Form
Download DOCX • 15KB

Candidate bio form (for board director positions only)

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