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March 13 WWHOA Board Meeting Agenda

This month's board meeting will be held virtually (via MS Teams) and in person at 11310 Country Club Road on Wednesday, March 13th from 7-9 p.m.



1. Verify Quorum  

2. * Approve Minutes (November, Dec special meeting, January)  

3. Resident Forum – opportunity for residents to ask questions, raise concerns, or comment on matters before the Board.  

4. Officer and Committee reports (< 5 min each): curtailed this month to allow more time for annual meeting planning

  • Treasurer Report

5. Sidewalk update

6. Cherry Run cut-through road update

7.  Updates on pending action items 



8. Spring Fitness Walk (social committee)

9. LLA possible purchase of former golf course

10. Annual Meeting Planning

11. Presentation & Vote - reserve funds

12. Parking lot + Adjourn

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