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11/28/23 Neighborhood News

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Hopefully everyone had a happy Thanksgiving holiday! Here are a few neighborhood events and items of interest:

  • The WestWinds Holiday Party is just a few days away! Please come meet your neighbors for drinks and hors d'oeuvres on Sunday, Dec. 3rd from 5 - 7:30 pm! More details at the link.

  • New Market VFC Santa Run - Santa and his volunteer fire company crew will be in WestWinds Tuesday, December 5th sometime between 6:30 and 8:30 pm!

  • Last yard waste/leaf pickup for 2023: Wednesday, Dec. 13th. Pickup will resume in April 2024 (no date yet).

  • Casey/Cherry Run Cut-Through Road. Elm Street (the developer for the Casey/Cherry Run community going in south of Panorama Drive) will be presenting their preliminary sketch plan to the Frederick County Planning Commission at their regular meeting on Wednesday, December 13th. They want feedback from the community! We will be sending out emails with information about how you can attend and provide oral or written comments. This is very important, as they are planning a cut-through road that would route regular and likely some construction traffic through our community to and from Gas House Pike.

  • Raj's West Wind Bar & Grill is still open for business Wednesday - Sunday from 5 - 10 PM!

  • Winter Weather Plan - We haven't had much snow in recent years, but it's a good idea to check out the Winter Weather plan before the first snow. It includes things like snow emergency routes, reminders to move cars from the street so they don't impede or be damaged by snow plows, and designated parking areas for each village.

  • The draft 2024 WWHOA budget is up on the HOA Documents page of our web site.

  • Holiday lights and wreaths are up at the main entrance! Thanks to our Landscape Committee volunteers and Patty Hoofnagle!

  • WestWinds Sidewalk Work. You may have seen flags, construction equipment, or workers out looking at our sidewalks during the past two weeks. There's been a bit of confusion about exactly what was going to happen (and where) because final decisions about this year's scope of work had not been made. The latest word from the County is that ADA repair work is starting on existing sidewalks along Sanandrew Drive this week. There is currently no plan to add new sidewalks on Sanandrew. Adjacent homeowners will get letters from the County as work moves along. They hope to finish by the end of December. The goal is not to make everything perfect, but to fix issues with existing sidewalks to bring them up to ADA standards.

A little background: work in WestWinds and the rest of LLA was originally scheduled to start in FY 2024 (this June). Because the County had extra money in this year's budget, they started early, hoping to complete work on Country Club Road and Sanandrew Drive in WestWinds. In addition to fixing existing concrete sidewalks, they wanted to replace the asphalt paths on Country Club and fill in gaps along one side of the road to provide a continuous sidewalk.

Unfortunately, a large number of trees may need to be removed to complete the repairs and asphalt replacement. The County is working with a tree expert and can prune roots less than 2" in diameter, so some trees could be saved. In the meantime, there are still a lot of unanswered questions! We are talking with the County to get answers as their planning progresses. In the past two weeks, we received two short updates, both of which were different from what we had originally been told, and we contacted the County twice for more information. The County is working to keep LLA and WW informed, but because the work is still in the planning stages any information we get is subject to change as the plan evolves. Bottom line: work on Country Club will likely be pushed back to FY 2024 (the original schedule), but they will get as much of Sanandrew Drive done as they can this year. We will keep talking to the County and LLA and will pass along anything we find out. Please be patient, as just this morning the latest word we had was: no sidewalk work until next year!

Questions? Comments? Send us an email!

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