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2024 WestWinds Annual Dues Invoices

This week, our accountant James E. Kerich will email WWHOA annual dues invoices to all WestWinds residents.  Electronic invoicing and payment of our $75.00 annual dues was introduced last year, and helps us:


  • Maintain up-to-date contact information for WW residents. Our bylaws require the WWHOA to maintain a current roster of homeowners. Adding resident email addresses lets us keep you advised about important or time-sensitive news affecting our community.

  • Reduce billing costs.  Invoicing by regular mail is costly and time-consuming! If homeowners do not pay promptly, mailings must be repeated (costing the HOA even more time and money).   Please help us conserve funds and volunteer time! Our goal is to keep dues low and spend HOA funds on beautifying WestWinds and providing social events to build a sense of community. 

  • Make payment faster and easier! Electronic payment is something WW residents have been asking for for years.

Your dues assessment email allows you to pay by bank transfer. Instructions for mailing in a paper check are also provided. This year's process is the same as last year. Simply click the "Review and Pay" button in the email and follow the instructions.  

When the e-invoice appears, complete the Pay with Bank Transfer fields, then click the PAY button to pay by electronic check. To save this payment option for future payments, leave the checkbox checked.

Your payment will be processed and applied to your dues balance automatically.  Paying by the due date on the invoice avoids late fees and finance charges. It also saves the HOA from having to spend homeowner dues on collection. NOTE: To pay by mail and personal check:

  1. Open the PDF invoice attached to your dues email and print it out.

  2. Make your check payable to WestWinds Village HOA, Inc.

  3. Mail your printed invoice and check to:    

Kerich Business & Tax Solutions Ltd

c/o WestWinds Village HOA, Inc.

178 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 205

Frederick, MD 21702

If you have questions or require assistance, please email or call James E Kerich (301-253-3700) or email the WestWinds Treasurer.

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