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1/12/2024 Community News

Most of this information went out in an email from PayHOA earlier today, but it's being posted here as well so those who didn't get the email or want to check back for updates can access the information.

1. Live Christmas tree pickup is tomorrow (Saturday,  January 13th). This curbside pickup is for live trees only. Please remove all decorations and lights. Get your trees out early so you don't miss the proverbial boat.

2. Sidewalk work is ongoing with most of the Phase 1 sidewalk replacement work on Sanandrew, lower Country Club, Eagletrace, Fair Lane,  and Pond Fountain completed or nearly completed.  As of yesterday there was no firm date for the start of tree removals, but that work is being performed by a different contractor. The Sidewalk Repair blog post was updated yesterday with new information, and we will also briefly discuss the project during next week's board meeting.  If more information on tree work becomes available, we'll update the blog post again and notify the community.

3. Lighting. A whole string of the wired lamps at the main entrance has been out of commission. At first, only one light was not working. More recently, the entire string of lights adjacent to the Tennis/Fitness Center went out.  Repairs to these lamps are both expensive and time-consuming due to buried wiring being cut repeatedly by utility and vendor work.  Because the lights are connected (much like a string of Christmas lights), a problem with one sometimes affects all of them. In the past, contractors have had to dig up the street or parking lot pavement to fix broken lamps. This is one reason the WW Board originally voted to replace them with solar lamps.LLA has had several crews out working on the lamps, and after testing the wiring in and around the bases of the lamps, they've had to dig trenches to follow the underground wiring and trace the source of the problem. Today's excavation revealed large amounts of ground water that may be why the latest outage occurred. Unfortunately, we're dealing with aging infrastructure compounded by the challenges of wiring that runs underneath paved areas and crosses the street.  Big thanks to LLA's Operations Manager (Brett Hamilton), new (!) Maintenance Supervisor Nate Leach, and our Village Manager Amanda Zimmerman, all of whom were out this morning at the job site. UPDATE: 1/12 1:43 PM from Amanda at LLA: "...they think they found the break in the line but are unable to complete the repairs today. New wire needs to be pulled, and they hope to complete the repairs by early next week (weather dependent). For the time being, they will cover the holes with plywood and caution tape."

4. Winter weather plans. It looks like snow may be in the forecast next week. If you haven't checked out LLA's winter weather plan, please do so here. If we do get snow, please move your cars off the street so they don't get damaged by (or impede) snow plows. Emergency or overflow parking for WestWinds is in the pool parking lot - if you're a first responder or anticipate having to get out of WestWinds during or after a snow storm, parking there is a great way to ensure you can get to work. If we get significant amounts of snow, please clear in front of your mailbox so mail carriers can deliver the mail and make sure the sidewalk in front of your home is cleared for pedestrians.

LLA put out some great tips in last week's Friday Flyer, which I have shamelessly copied and pasted below: Snowstorm Parking Info

  • Refrain from parking on the street; park in your garage or driveway so that snowplows have access and emergency vehicles can get through, if needed.

  • Refrain from parking in circles or dead-end streets to allow for plow vehicles to clear courts and cul-de-sacs.

  • Residents are encouraged to park extra vehicles in common area parking lots such as pool parking lots and beach parking lots.  Efforts will be made to keep access to those areas open to retrieve vehicles.

Plowing Facts

  • Snow is plowed from the center of a roadway toward the edge/curb and driveway aprons. Trying to direct the plow away from or lift the plow at each driveway would result in substantial amounts of snow being left on the street.

  • Plowing requires multiple passes on each street and in each direction to get from the center to near the curb. On each of these passes, snow spills off the edge of the plow. Every effort is made to get as much snow to the curb as possible.

  • Plowing efforts are focused on main throughways, followed by secondary roads and lastly courts and cul-de-sacs. Please be patient. The length of the storm and accumulation amounts determine how many times the plows must pass down each street. The greater the accumulation, the longer it takes to clean up.

Shoveling Tips

  • When shoveling the end of the driveway near the street, place the snow to the right of the driveway (as you face the street). If it is piled on the other side, it will likely be pushed into the apron when the plow starts curbing (plowing along the curb).

  • Clear a few feet of the edge of the street and curb to the left of the driveway (as you face the street). This clearing creates a pocket for the snow to spill into and will help reduce the amount of snow that ends up in the driveway apron.

Questions? Please email me at Please be patient on response times, as I'm juggling a lot of things this week and next between my day job, family, and the upcoming board meeting.

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