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10/18/23 Board Meeting Recap

Resident forum: attendees asked about inviting Steve McKay to talk to residents about development moratorium legislation (done - 11/9 at Raj's pavilion), butterfly bushes, LLA land purchase, kudos for Raj's staff mowing around SA stormwater pond, trees down and weeds around utility boxes on Sanandrew, noise from wedding party at Raj's, Teams link to board meetings (coming soon!).

Selected meeting votes and notes (plus a few updates):

  • LLA maintenance update: LLA has repaired sprinkler system and cleaned & repaired the wired lamps. One on Cherry Tree Court wasn't working due to a huge wasp's nest. Triple solar lamp at front entrance has been replaced with a wired lamp per last month's board recap. Vandalized dog waste station was replaced.

  • Lien was filed against grossly overdue homeowner, with legal fees rolled into the lien amount.

  • Landscape: PGC will move butterfly bushes from 2nd island at main entrance to the retaining wall at SA and CC, replace those at main entrance with dwarf butterfly bushes. Christmas lights were installed and will be turned on some time around Thanksgiving.

  • Neighborhood Improvement committee:

    • LLA came out to check locations for new solar lamps/lampposts. WW will contact adjacent homeowners. Working on 3 year plan for beautifying the back entrance to WestWinds.

  • Social committee: The Halloween Party at Raj's pavilion on 10/28 was a huge success! Jerry presented full slate of events for 2024 to include holiday party, themed pool parties, fitness walk.

  • ECC - working on enforcement using PayHOA to issue 11 violations this month.

  • Cherry Run/Casey cut-through: letter was sent to Casey/Elm Street with copies sent to LLA, planning commission, and District 2 rep Steve McKay. Kate has upcoming meeting with LLA to discuss support options. Need letter writing campaign for Frederick County Planning Commission.

  • BoD work session was scheduled for 1st week of November to mark up the 2024 budget, discuss reserve requirements, dues, and LLA support for purchasing parcels of former golf course.

  • Discussions/presentations:

    • Improving communication with community using web site, blog, NextDoor, PayHOA, flyers, emails. Need to balance cost with effectiveness/efficiency.

    • IT Assets - introductory review of IT infrastructure (mostly online software licenses) for the HOA to prep for budget discussions. Legal requirements re: records retention. Digitization of Treasurer records - hope to do 'in house' to save HOA funds.

  • Votes:

    • $400 budget for Halloween party approved unanimously.

Questions or comments? Send us an email!

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