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2020 Board of Director Candidates


Daniel Botto

My family and I have lived in West Winds since 2016.  We initially moved to New Market due to its picturesque scenery, nature based amenities and room for our family to grow and thrive.  We ultimately chose to purchase a home in West Winds for its exceptional community, including the safety in its seclusion, beauty in planning, wonderful people we call our neighbors, and outstanding schools.  

I would like to give back to this community through continued participation in the West Winds HOA Board as a Director, so that I can help ensure the longevity of the features in our community that drew us to it in the first place. I hope to help foster community relations by being a voice for my neighbors, so our community standards evolve and integrate modern guidelines to enhance the beauty, lure and value of our neighborhood. To be a factor in the community's continued success as neighborhoods grow around Lake Linganore would be a responsibility I would humbly accept. 

Dave Miller

Dave is a current Board of Director and during his service has been instrumental in organizing the upcoming neighborhood improvement plan which, in phase one, will focus on assisting members with the replacement of mailboxes. Dave has also led the effort in working with LLA to follow up on tree warranties and replacements in The Preserves, repair of storm water management facilities and the repair and maintenance of the WW entry signs at the main entrance.

Representing WWHOA, Mr. Miller has met with County officials regarding the multi-year, County-wide sidewalk improvement program. The implementation of the County sidewalk improvement plan may be implemented in FY 2022 which begins in July 2021 and will need input from West Winds residents. Dave has also worked with LLA to budget for the repair and maintenance of Storm Water Management Facilities in West winds.

His goal is to work with our community and the Board of Directors to implement the necessary improvements to keep West Winds one of the finest communities in Frederick County.

Dave and Barbara have four grown sons and daughters. Dave is a Principal at a commercial real estate and construction firm.


Cathy Cretella

Cathy Cretella has been a resident of Westwinds for 19 years and has served in various capacities in the village.  As a current licensed Financial Professional, she volunteered her time as the Westwinds Treasurer and social committee member for many years.  As a member of the WW BOD, Mrs. Cretella hopes to bring back the community aspect of WW through more active social gatherings like the Family Holiday Party with Santa, Summer Pool Party and other year round events.  Working with the new golf course owner will be instrumental for both the community and the owner through shared space and enjoyable outdoor activities that are available in the green space.​

Harry Nazarian

Harry is a Virtual Solutions Architect/Engineer with over 15 years experience in the computer technical field.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland and is currently employed at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD.  He has been with APL for 4 years, working on systems that develop and test new systems for the US Military.

Harry Nazarian has worked with the US Military as a Contractor since graduating from the University of Maryland, starting with the US Navy, at the National Naval Medical Center (now known as Walter Reed Military Medical Center).  During the course of his career, he has also worked for the US Army and Airforce, and with the Defense Information Systems Agency in Fort Meade, on specialized IT systems since 2005.  During the course of his career, he’s worked his way up to managing his own teams with Infrastructure Engineering and Sustainment, and eventually gaining additional duties that include searching and acquiring new talent from our Colleges and Universities, as well as service members on terminal leave, ready to join the Civilian world.  Harry Nazarian has worked closely with government sponsors and agencies, and ensured his team kept ahead of objectives and thresholds, as well as ensuring his team stayed at the ready.  Harry also encouraged his team to maintain a strong work life balance to ensure his team keeps burnout to a minimum, while also enjoying their tasks and duties when they’re at their desks with fresh minds and ideas to resolve old problems and engineer new solutions.

Harry Nazarian also enjoys some hobbies outside of the computer world that include automobile maintenance, home improvement with focus on Smart Home conversions, cooking, and martial arts. 



Mike Scott

Michael Scott is a licensed professional engineer in nuclear engineering, with over 40 years professional experience.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Engineering Physics from the U.S. Naval Academy, and a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mr. Scott’s professional career included 30 years active and reserve service in the U.S. Navy.  He retired in 2007 with the rank of Captain.

After 16 years civilian employment in the nuclear industry in engineering and management roles, Mr. Scott joined the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2001.  In 2011, he was selected for the Federal Senior Executive Service.  His SES assignments included Director of the Division of Reactor Projects in NRC’s Region I and Director of the Division of Preparedness and Response. 

Since retiring from the NRC in October 2019, Mr. Scott has completed several part-time work assignments for the International Atomic Energy Agency (an agency of the United Nations).  He also has been appointed as a member of the Frederick County Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board. He is a serving Elder on the Session of Frederick Presbyterian Church.

Greg Grunwald

Greg is a retired Marine with 22 years’ service in many climbs and places. He is currently working for the Navy as a government civilian and previously worked for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in the same capacity. He is married to Jennifer Grunwald and have three children, two that have graduated from Linganore HS and one currently enrolled (virtually for this year). 

He has lived in the Lake Linganore community for over 11 years 4 of them in WestWinds (WW).  His intent to join the board is to use his extensive planning and leadership experience to continue making WW community the best in the county. His top three goals are:

1. Better integration of Westwinds residents through neighborhood community events. 

2. Better collaboration and coordination with LLA. 

3. Continue close coordination with the golf/disc golf owner to support goal #1 and to ensure the future development is symbiotic for the village and his business.

Raymond Geoghegan 

I grew up in the Montgomery County area and graduated from the University of Maryland, Go Terps!  I recently retired as a Supervisor after a 35 year career primarily in  Federal law enforcement.  I specialized in Technical Operations and have been certified as a Forensic Computer Specialist as well as Certified Fraud Examiner.   My wife, Kim and I moved to WestWinds after living in Chicago, Illinois.  We previously lived in the Lake Linganore area while I worked in Washington DC and Baltimore.  Our two children currently attend Linganore High.  I have previously served on two HOA boards where I created the websites and was the webmaster.  My hobbies are drumming, biking and pickle ball.  I have a vested interest in improving the relationship between the community, board and Golf Course property owner.

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